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Vegas Summer League play begins

As most of you already know, the Pistons have begun play in the Vegas Summer League. From the comments in the post below, I understand the games are (more or less) accessible online at Hopefully that works for you; as for me, I'm currently vacationing in northern Michigan for the week and am relegated to accessing the internet through a very small and inconsistent trickle of mobile broadband -- I'm grateful that my Sprint phone can also serve as a laptop modem, but I'm already stretching its digital roaming capabilities to the limits and I'm pretty sure if I attempted to view streaming video it would literally burst into flames.

With that in mind, I recommend getting your VSL fix from the guys over at Bad Boy Summer Camp, who'd probably do a better job than I breaking down the games anyway considering they have men on the ground braving the sweltering Vegas heat and providing first-hand accounts.

In the meantime, feel free to discuss any and all things Summer League in the comments of this post. My lack of seeing a game prevents me from adding anything intelligent to the conversation, but at least now there's a central place for your discourse.

For those of you who have watched any of the game(s), tell me, does Cheikh Samb look good enough to win the 15th spot on the roster this year? I don't know his contract status with his Spanish team and whether a buyout would be prohibitive, but assuming that's not an issue, I'd like for the Pistons to keep him here and let him develop at the hands of Detroit's coaching staff (and that of their new NBDL affiliate in Ft. Wayne, IN) as opposed to leaving him in Europe.