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Odd but true: Cavs want Allan Houston

From Brian Windhorst of the Akron Beacon Journal (via Ballhype):

Despite their rise to the ranks of the NBA elite, the Cavaliers have yet to cash in on the market for aging stars looking for a shot at a championship.

That might not change anytime soon, but they are in the game. Team sources said the Cavs have interest in former New York Knicks star Allan Houston, who is planning a comeback two years after being forced to retire because of knee problems. Houston, 36, was one of the best shooting guards in the game in his prime. He told last week that his knee is feeling better and he hopes to play this season.

Various media outlets have reported that the Dallas Mavericks also have shown interest in Houston. The Mavericks, though, already have 17 players under contract and just signed veteran shooting guard Eddie Jones to a deal last week. [...]

Houston, who made $40 million despite not playing for the past two years, probably would be looking for a deal that guarantees him the veteran's minimum of $1.2 million.

It's been over 10 years since he last wore a Pistons uniform, but I've always followed Houston's career. I was very disappointed when he left, but on the other hand, I'm glad it wasn't Bill Davidson doling out $40 million the last two years.

When Houston first announced his intention to comeback last week, I spoke a little bit about it on FanHouse -- basically, I think someone will give him a chance since his greatest asset -- deadly long-range shooting -- most likely won't be affected by his probable loss of athleticism.

But the Cavs? Are they really that desperate to bury Damon Jones on the depth chart? Maybe so: Windhorst also points out the the Cavs tried convincing Reggie Miller to return after the All-Star break last year. Did I somehow miss/forget that or is this the first anyone is hearing about it?