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The case for Nazr Mohammed

Here's my latest from HoopsWorld:

As fate would have it, though, Mohammed once again appears to be Detroit’s fallback plan. Webber remains unsigned, and although rumor and logic still connect him with his hometown team there has been no solid indication he and the Pistons are even talking at this point. Short of asking Rasheed Wallace to play out of position, Mohammed seems to be Detroit’s only viable option to start at center.

But is that actually such a bad thing? Is Mohammed really destined to be nothing more than a starter by default for the Pistons? Or is it possible that he never received a fair shake in the first place?

It's easy to dump on Mohammed since he's the weakest link in the starting lineup, but his numbers last year in limited playing time weren't all that bad.

Also, and this didn't make it's way into the article, his contract really isn't as bad a some people make out -- he signed for the mid-level exception last summer, which quite literally means he has an average-sized NBA contract (about $6 million a year). I hear some people claim the guy is un-tradeable, but I think the only reason he wasn't moved last season was because Joe Dumars knew he'd need an insurance plan for this year. If the time comes to cut bait, it'll happen.