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Tim Donaghy already kind of bores me

As I mentioned in the brief note on the right, Tim Donaghy finally turned himself in. The media responded as expected with a flurry of new articles about something most of us got bored talking about a long time ago.

The only new development I'm even remotely interested in is that the actual legal documents -- the charges, his guilty plea -- are available as PDFs. I've yet to give them more than a cursory glance, but I'd be much more interested in delving into those before reading read another random editorial about the state of the NBA.

Let's face it, if the hype surrounding the Kevin Garnett trade proved anything, it's that basketball fans have an extremely short attention span -- I'm not sure there's a scandal big enough that a Kobe Bryant trade couldn't heal.

But even if the scandal doesn't have any long-lasting ramifications with fans, will the players hold a grudge? Chauncey Billups doesn't think so:

If a call goes against a player, will he wonder if the referee had a personal reason to make it?

"I'm sure that there will probably be some guys at some point get into some heated situations and think that, but hopefully they're not very vocal with that," Detroit point guard Chauncey Billups said Wednesday in Las Vegas.

"That's just one guy. You can't paint everybody with the same brush. I know that very well. I'm not going to take anything that he did out on any other referee, and I hope that everybody else feels the same way."

Just throwing it out there, but do you think Chauncey had anyone in mind with that first quote?