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Bill Laimbeer might be God

David Stern has issued a gag order preventing anyone under the NBA's umbrella from speaking about Tim Donaghy. Bill Laimbeer reacts, with my added emphasis to highlight his awesomeness. From the New York Post:

The crisis is so deep Stern has placed a gag order on NBA coaches and GMs. It's even trickled down to the WNBA.

Former NBA player and outspoken Detroit Shock coach Bill Laimbeer, who faces the Liberty in the playoffs Friday, told The Post, "You're not going to get me in the middle of that one. David Stern comes down with his big, old super gag order like 'Aaargh.' I'm not going to put my foot into something like that. That's crazy. Maybe I would comment on it, but my job is the preservation of everything and I'm not going to get in the middle of that one."

That's right: the preservation of everything. Do not underestimate the responsibilities of a WNBA coach.