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Team USA takes on Carlos Delfino and friends

USA faces off against Argentina tonight at midnight (Detroit time) on ESPN2. I'm not sure if I'm going to stay up to watch but I'm definitely setting the DVR -- not only am I excited to see what Carlos Delfino can do in a starring role (single tear ...), I'm also interested in getting a good look at Luis Scola, who you may not be familiar with now but probably will be after this season. Henry Abbott of TrueHoop had a chance to watch a scouting DVD with footage of Scola and he had nothing but good things to say:

-- He's an active big man with size and strength to hang around in the lane, and he's not slow.

-- People leave him open a lot at the free throw line. They shouldn't do that, because at least in these video highlights, he'll nail that jumper.

-- He will catch the ball in the lane and spin into an array of finishing maneuvers.

-- In watching highlights of his teammates, it's very often Scola who ends up starring. He sets people up to score a bunch of different ways: Wrap-around passes, dumping out of the double team to a cutter in stride, at one point he even attacks the basket on the dribble, draws an extra defender, and makes a perfect shovel pass to an open teammate for a layup.

If you watch the game, consider this your open thread.