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Report: Chris Webber likely to sign with Dallas

Bill Ingram from

Various reports cited by a Los Angeles radio station have the Dallas Mavericks close to signing Detroit Pistons free agent forward Chris Webber to a one-year deal using their mid-level exception. The Mavericks are willing to offer him the entire MLE, but would prefer to give him $3.5 million and use the rest to add one more piece to the roster.

To be honest, I'm a little surprised -- I figured that one way or another he'd end up back in Detroit, even if it meant the Pistons cutting someone with a guaranteed contract to make space. But I can't say I blame him -- he'll be getting a competitive salary and a good shot at a title in Dallas.

Ingram added that if the Mavs get their way, the other piece would be James Posey. I'm sure Posey must be ecstatic -- maybe now the poor guy can afford to buy some pants.