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Detroit’s all-time best players

Charley Rosen undertook a fun exercise on FOX Sports by trying to come up with all-star teams consisting of players born in a certain city. For example, here's Detroit:

The starters: B. J. Armstrong, Jalen Rose, George Gervin, Chris Webber, and P. J. Brown.

The subs: Marcus Fizer, Willie Green, Howard Eisley, Jermaine Jackson, Voshon Lenard, Ira Newble, and Maurice Taylor.

The coach would be Chuck Daly, a transplanted Philadelphian.

To be honest, I don't know if I ever know P.J. Brown was from Michigan, but it says here he was born in Detroit. I'm not sure why Southfield's Ira Newble made the list and Birmingham's Shane Battier didn't, and if we're talking about all-time, you definitely can't leave out Hall of Famer Detroiter Dave DeBusschere.

Can we include Lansing? Because Magic Johnson would be a nice fit. What about Flint or Saginaw? Morris Peterson and Jason Richardson, respectively, could easily replace Eisley or Jackson. And what about Hamtramck's own Rudy Tomjanovich? He's more known for being a coach these days, but he averaged 17 and 8 over 11 seasons with the Rockets.

Hat-tip: TrueHoop