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"Chris Webber to the Mavs" not a sure thing

Remember those rumors that Chris Webber was about to sign with the Mavericks? It hasn't happened yet, and the Mavs don't sound like they're in a rush. From the Dallas Morning News:

Donnie Nelson, the team's president of basketball operations, tapped the brakes on thoughts that a deal was imminent.

"This could go all the way to the first day of training camp," Nelson said Tuesday. "We have no sense of urgency to do anything right now. We'll do a deal when it's right for us and not sooner."

[...] Moreover, Webber remains a strong possibility for the Detroit Pistons. The Motor City is his hometown, where he was a high-school legend and where he's currently hosting a museum exhibit of African-American letters and documents.

His father, Mayce, told SLAM magazine he hopes his son returns to the Pistons, for whom he finished last season.

For context, I should add that Nelson's quote above was in reference to the Mavs signing any free agents, not necessarily Webber, although the rest of the article obviously veered in that direction. Earlier this week, Jeff Caplan of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram expressed the same sentiments:

While rumors swirled on the Web (stemming from an unfounded radio report out of L.A.) on Sunday about Webber's imminent signing with the Mavs, that just doesn't appear to be the case. In fact, one plugged-in NBA source dialed up on Tuesday said that his "gut" tells him that Webber will return to the Pistons. That's not to say the Mavs are out of the running, just that it appears more likely, at this moment, that Webber will re-sign with his hometown team.

I'm still of the mindset that the Pistons would be a better team with him, so I hope to see it happen. It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out because I honestly don't know to what degree much money is factoring into Webber's decision. In Detroit, he'd have a chance to start and play at least 25 minutes a game. In Dallas, he'd see far fewer minutes but would likely be closer to a title. No matter which way he goes, it'd be hard to fault him for making the wrong choice.

Both links courtesy of HoopsWorld's Rumor page.