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Monday Evening Layup Drill

  • Will an injured Erick Dampier prompt the Mavericks to finally sign Chris Webber?
  • PistonsNation offers a Bill Laimbeer retrospective, complete with the only picture I've ever seen of Lambs playing in Italy before his NBA rookie year.
  • Carnival of the NBA.
  • On the merits of PER and other comparison stats.
  • The brand-spanking new PistonsBlog has some Ft. Wayne Mad Ants news.
  • Not a good time to be Isiah Thomas, especially with disgruntled Knicks fans in the jury pool:

    New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas and a former team executive who claims he subjected her to unwanted sexual advances appeared in federal court Monday as jury selection began in her $10 million sexual harassment lawsuit.

    Thomas and his accuser, Anucha Browne Sanders, sat stoically within a few feet of each other, both flanked by teams of lawyers. Thomas, also the team’s president and considered one of the best players in NBA history, stood and smiled as the judge introduced him to the scores of potential jurors sitting in the gallery.
    A building maintenance man and Knicks fan was kept in the pool despite suggesting that game tickets were overpriced and that Thomas’ track record as coach was poor.

    "I can speak freely? The team’s not doing too well," he said as Thomas listened nearby.