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Chauncey Billups is confident and candid

Some call it confidence, others call it cockiness, but whatever it is, Chauncey Billups has it in spades. He recently talked with Jim Rome on the radio, and the Free Press has the transcription:

On whether the better team won in the Pistons-Cavs Eastern Conference Finals? No I really don’t. I am a guy that is very honest and I give it up you know I am always pretty candid. That team won, they beat us you have to give them credit I have never took credit from them. I still feel we were the better team but obviously we didn’t play as good as would have liked to for six straight games. Even the games we won it didn’t feel like wins for us. They out played us for six games, I will admit that but I don’t think they were the better team.

You know how most of the time the Pistons downplay the discord that exists between Rasheed Wallace and Flip Saunders? It seems Chauncey didn't get the memo:

On trying to work through Flip and Rasheed: It’s a tough situation. I know that when "Sheed" is focused and ready to play I don’t believe there is anyone in the league that can guard him. At the same time I believe in Flip and what he’s doing. I’m trying to mend everything together and put out small fires all the time. At the same time we got Cleveland who’s emerging, coming along strong. We got to worry about them as well. It becomes an overwhelming situation sometimes but it’s what you got to do.