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On training camp previews and crowdsourcing questions

My latest from HOOPSWORLD is a training camp preview for the Pistons. It may be a bit redundant to hard-core fans who have followed the team's every move this summer, but hopefully it's a good refresher for casual fans who suddenly realized training camp starts next week:

Detroit’s identity around the league is still based upon their starting lineup, and understandably so: Billups, Hamilton, Prince and Wallace have played together for three and a half years, not to mention an extra 82 playoff games. But the new wave is coming, and given the young and athletic bench, personifying this team as old and slow no longer applies.

Even so, it’ll be interesting to see if Detroit’s subtle youth movement can take hold without the benefit of a bona fide rebuilding year. Expectations should be tempered early in the year as the veterans and young players find their collective rhythm, but by the end of the season this team will be graded just like all the rest in recent memory: did it win an NBA title?.

And speaking of training camp, I have some exciting news: I'll be representing HOOPSWORLD at the Pistons' Media Day next week, which means I should have a chance to speak with many (and hopefully all) of the players and coaches.

I'm not entirely sure what to expect, but I want to be completely prepared: if you have any good questions you think I should ask, hit me up in the comments. I have a bunch already in mind and I can't promise I'll be able to use anything, but I'd be foolish not to tap into your collective imagination and curiosity.