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Here’s to hoping Chris Webber likes gyros and feta cheese …

Out of nowhere, ESPN's Chris Sheridan reports that the Greek powerhouse Olympiakos has offered Chris Webber a two-year dea worth $10-12 million (that's between $10 million and $12 million, not ten dollars and twelve million dollars. As a writer, I agonize about how to accurately yet concisely write these things ...). If Webber is simply concerned about money, this blows anyway any offer he'll get in the NBA, especially when you consider European teams also provide perks like living/travel expenses.

As if that wasn't interesting enough, Sheridan included this little nugget:

Webber has said he is leaning toward returning to the Detroit Pistons, although signing Webber prior to training camp, even for the veterans' minimum, would have cap ramifications that the Pistons want to avoid. Webber is said to be comfortable with the idea of waiting at least a month or two for the Pistons' roster issues to work themselves out, which would allow him to join them in midseason as he did in 2005-06.

I already touched upon this at FanHouse, but it's pretty surprising. The Pistons currently have 16 players under contract, which means they already have to get rid of one before the start of the season. McCosky and Blakely have said more than once that Flip Murray is expected to be traded, probably for future second-round draft pick(s), so that's one spot. But if Webber is/was in Detroit's plans, they'd need to clear two spots. Rookie Sammy Mejia would seem the most likely guy, but why bother signing him in the first place if you don't want to keep him? With that in mind, I don't think he's going anywhere. Well, maybe down to Ft. Wayne, but you know what I mean.

Will Dumars try once again moving Nazr Mohammed? If that's the case, I'd imagine he'd be used as a starter early in the year to showcase his skills, but instead we've been led to believe Rasheed Wallace is the new starting center. So I really don't know. My guess? Either Webber's hopes don't line up with Detroit's plans or Sheridan is misinformed (which, you know, wouldn't be the first time).

So yeah, chew on this in the comments. And since it's Friday and I'm unlikely to get another post up this weekend, consider this your weekend open thread.