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Analyzing the 2007-08 schedule

My latest is up at Hoopsworld. For lack of better ideas, I took a close look at the upcoming schedule. All of you probably know by now the Pistons have a brutal start to the season with eight of the first 10 games on the road, but the flip side is a relatively cushy schedule down the stretch :

15 games (nine home, six road)

The Pistons wrap up their western road trip on March 1 against the Clippers, which marks the end of their long-distance traveling. From that point on, the only time they'll travel west of Detroit to play an opponent will be during a one-game road trip to Minnesota on April 1.

April features five of nine at home before the playoffs. Also, I found this quite odd: the Pistons play the Cavaliers once during the first four and a half months of the season and then three times in the final six weeks. You'd think an Eastern Conference Final re-match would be something of a marquee match-up highlighted earlier in the season, but apparently that's not the case.

Anyways, as you can tell from the admittedly uninspired topic idea, the season can't come soon enough for me. Let's get a list going in the comments: what are you excited about seeing this year? It can be absolutely anything.