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Random Dale Davis sighting

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Not by me (that would be really random, considering I haven't left the house in two days), but Michael Grange of the Toronto Globe & Mail, who was in New York yesterday for the Raptors-Knicks game:

As the fellow geniuses were walking back from shoot-around this morning, talking about the Raptors – okay, Andrea Bargnani’s – rebounding woes who do we spy standing on the street, talking on the phone? Dale Davis.

We’re like "Dale, call Sam, he needs you bad." Dale just laughs. It was kind of funny.

Thing is, I wasn’t joking. No, the Raptors don’t need Dale Davis on their roster, necessarily. But maybe they could pay him a fee to come and wrestle with Bargnani once a week.

That is all. Go about your weekend.