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Fun with Hot Spots

Last month, DBB reader Tim passed along the new link to these NBA Hot Spots, which, as you can see below, breaks down the shooting percentages for each player based on each spot on the floor. (These were introduced last year under the name "NBA Hot Zone," and I wish they'd just re-direct the old link to the new on -- until I got the new link I'd randomly Google "NBA Hot Zone," find the old page and get mad that it wasn't showing 2007-08 stats yet. But I digress.)

I figured Jason Maxiell's .545 shooting percentage was because most of his shots were dunks, but that's not the case at all:

Jason Maxiell's Hot Spots

Yes, 125 of his 222 field goal attempts this year are right under the basket, but still, as you'll see after the jump, he's out McDyess-ing McDyess with his midrange jumper

Antonio McDyess Hot Spot

One of Rodney Stuckey's greatest strengths is getting to the basket ... but that doesn't mean he always finishes:

Rodney Stuckey's Hot Spot

No complaints about Rip Hamilton,though; the guy is on fire just about anywhere he shoots. And damn, no wonder he likes the corners so much:

"I always say, that's my real estate in that corner. Like Monopoly, I got four houses and a hotel on there," said Hamilton. "That's what I do. They can't tell me that – you land on my property you got to pay."

Rip Hamilton's Hot Spot