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Chauncey Billups’ first (and last?) dunk of the year

Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

A Chauncey Billups dunk happens so rarely I had to put this up for posterity's sake. Heck, even Billups admitted to adding a little mustard to make up for lost time. From the DetNews:

The highlight of Monday's Pistons victory came in the third quarter when Billups took a long outlet pass from Antonio McDyess, charged to the rim, rose up and -- dunked.

"I had to show them I could get up and swing on that rim a little," Billups said.

"That dunk was so old-school," Richard Hamilton said. "He should have gotten a technical foul for hanging on the rim. But he said to me, 'I had to let all the cameras get their snapshots in so everybody can see I can still dunk.' "