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On making fun of Herrmann and sitting behind Mahorn

SLAM's Alan Paul attended the Pistons/Pacers game at the Palace last Friday and had some hilarious observations:

After the game, everyone was rushing to get dressed and head out into the snowy night. The team was scheduled for a 11 pm flight to Indianapolis for the second of this odd same-teams home and home back to back. Herman looked sharp in his travel clothes and then he pulled on a knee length distressed leather, fur lined and collared coat. Players took turns commenting and laughing as they emerged from the shower, and strolled past Herrmann’s locker

Amir Johnson’s eyes grew wide at the sight.

"Now you know who is gansta? Really gangsta," Herrmann said in heavily accented English.

"Is that a lady’s coat?" Johnson asked, brushing by. Tayshaun Prince just pointed and laughed.

One final note: my seat at the game was directly behind Pistons radio announcer and former Bad Boy personified Rick Mahorn. It is the perfect place to be. Every player checking in to the game does so directly in front of him and the whole process is high comedy.

Before the game, Sheed gave Mahorn the finger, subtly but surely Rip tossed a wrapper in his face and Billups gave him a pound. Throughout the game, the interactions continued. It was an added bonus that I really didn’t need.