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Wednesday’s Layup Drill

This is what you call filler. Enjoy:

  • Chris McCosky thinks the NBA is going to hell with all of these buyouts. Kelly Dywer thinks McCosky is nuts.
  • Joe Dumars on the season so far: "I feel good about that right now, as far as results, wins and losses. But, I will say this, I am not handing out any A's. We still have a long way to go." Krista Jahnke, meanwhile, hands out five A's.
  • Do you know a little kid that looks like one of the Pistons? Put him to work.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Third Quarter Collapse thinks I was a little harsh making fun of the Magic getting so fired up for the game on Sunday. In hindsight, sour grapes certainly fueled some of that, but most of it is genuine amusement at how many rivalries the Pistons are are allegedly part of. At the moment, Cleveland is still the biggest rival, though Boston is suddenly close behind. Chicago certainly ranks up there, and Miami and Indiana used to, not to mention the Spurs. But the Magic? Not yet.
  • Rasheed Wallace doesn't want to be an All-Star ... but I don't see any way around it given the shape Shaq is in.
  • From McCosky's blog: "[Dumars] also told Webber that if he could pull off a trade to clear a spot, he still wouldn't sign him back until he and Webber could sit down and have a face-to-face meeting. Dumars wants Webber to be completely clear about what his role would be. He would not be starting. He would not take Jason Maxiell's role in the rotation. He would be, essentially, the fourth big man. He would be Dale Davis. He will play 10 minutes a night, maybe. Some nights, against teams like Phoenix and Golden State, he would probably not play at all. Dumars wants to be sure Webber understands that and would be willing to accept that."
  • DBB reader V points out Detroit's dueling columnists! Michael Rosenberg of the Freep: "His return is not impossible, but, if anything, the Pistons are less likely to bring him in now than they were in, say, September." Rob Parker of the Detroit News: "It appears Chris Webber will be rejoining the Pistons sooner than later. "
  • When former Pistons lose their cool: Memo flips the bird.

Alright, what links did I miss?