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Chris Webber’s homecoming: Golden State edition

Most of you know this by now, but it looks like Pistons fans can finally shelve the "Chris Webber, yea or nay?" debate. From ESPN's Marc Stein:

Barring an unexpected change of heart, sources said, Webber will accept the invitation from former coach Don Nelson and former teammate Chris Mullin to come back to the team with whom he won NBA Rookie of the Year honors in 1994, only for Webber to force a trade to Washington some six months later when his prickly relationship with Nelson collapsed.

"I hope that it happens to be quite honest with you," Nelson told Bay Area reporters Sunday before the Warriors hosted the New York Knicks. "I think our team needs it." [...]

"I've learned over the years," Nelson said Sunday night. "I've softened a bit through some of the experiences I've had. I look back at the time when Chris and I were here early in our careers. We were both pretty stubborn and I was maybe too tough and he was too young to see the positives I was trying to bring to the table. I've learned and I think he has, too. Hey, I'm an old man and he's an old player."

The difference being, though, that coaches tend to get better with age, whereas players just get slow. But still, I'm happy that Webber found his team, and I'm even happier he found it out west.