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Samb and Mejia are coming and going

With his dental and passport issues fixed, Cheikh Samb is returning to Ft. Wayne ...

Cheikh Samb, the 7-foot-1 center who was sent from the Detroit Pistons and played two games in Fort Wayne in mid-December before being sidelined with a broken jaw, is returning to the team.

"We should have Cheikh Samb coming in (Monday)," Ants president and general manager Jeff Potter said. "I just talked to him and he’s in his car and should be here."

Samb played in back-to-back games Dec. 13 and 14 against Dakota, averaging 13.5 points, nine rebounds and four blocks.

... just as Sammy Mejia is leaving to accept an offer to play in Italy:

"Fort Wayne wasn’t the problem," said Mejia, who missed the first 10 games of the NBA D-League season with a leg injury. "It’s hard to be in one spot, and everybody’s goal is not to be there. It’s a different kind of comfort being over there. Nobody who is part of the Mad Ants wants to be in the Mad Ant uniform. I got comfortable in a different kind of way."

Even though Mejia happened to be playing for the Pistons' D-League affiliate, the Pistons relinquished their draft rights to him when they released him in favor of Ronald Dupree at the end of the preseason. But still, he seemed like a nice kid and I'm happy that he's found some place a little more comfortable to play. He was obviously Ft. Wayne's best player, leading the team with 19.5 points and 8.4 boards a game.

The Mad Ants next play on Friday and Saturday, and if you really want to see Samb in action, don't forget that all D-League games are now streamed online for free.