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It’s time to respect Rip’s tramp ball

Rip Hamilton wants in on the three-point contest. From the Freep's Krista Jahnke:

"All that running around, that's what I do," said Hamilton, who entered Tuesday sixth in the NBA in three-point shooting. "I run around and shoot."

Usually, he's running around to shoot jumpers. But Hamilton led the NBA in three-point shooting two seasons ago and spent part of Tuesday's pregame proving his sweet spots extend beyond the arc. [...]

"I'm campaigning; I'm everything," said Hamilton, who shot 1-for-2 on three-pointers and scored 15 points in Tuesday night's 110-104 victory over the Pacers. "The only reason why I'm so interested in it is because everyone underestimates me. Everyone says I can't shoot threes since the (Larry Brown) era. They still ain't giving me my respect on my tramp ball."

I don't think I've heard the phrase "tramp ball" before today, but I see his point: he's been red-hot all season from the corners and decent from everywhere else. Chauncey Billups isn't so confident.

"I want him in," Chauncey Billups said. His reasoning? So Hamilton can realize how difficult it is. "I came in last twice."

Billups said he tried to convince Hamilton that the contest isn't as easy as it looks, but Hamilton wasn't listening.

"He told me that," Hamilton said. "But I ain't Chauncey. He can't shoot better threes than me either."