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Afflalo gets passed over

Arron Afflalo did not get invited to the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge. He was a bit of a long shot anyway (and is less of a snub than Al Thornton or Joakim Noah), but I agree with PistonsNation that he should have been considered ahead of Mike Conley:

Mike Conley is a fine young player, but he’s only been in 19 total games because of injury. Arron might only be averaging 3.4 ppg but he’s playing behind Chauncey and Rip. He’s played 42 of the Pistons 45 total games this year. Cracking the line up on this team isn’t all that easy either. Just ask Darko, Amir Johnson, and Jason Maxiell before this year.

Yes, Conley has better stats, but rookies on bad teams always have better stats than rookies on good teams. The fact that Afflalo has been able to force himself into the rotation and push veterans like Lindsey Hunter and Flip Murray to the inactive list really says something, even if he's still the fifth option when he's on the floor.