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The Pistons are in Milwaukee

Our long, regional nightmare continues tonight as the Pistons travel to Milwaukee for yet another game that won't be televised. Seriously, I get hundreds of channels on cable, and there's not one that can show the game?

I get that FSN is showing the Wings tonight, but it's a shame TV20 can no longer pick up the preseason scraps. Instead, TV20 is running with Hair Show:

A sassy Baltimore hairdresser (Mo'Nique) -- on the run from the IRS -- reunites with her estranged stylist sister in L.A. Innocuous comedy with Kellita Smith. Leslie Small directed; hoops star Magic Johnson served as executive producer.

Magic didn't fake AIDS, but he still ruined my night. So instead, we'll have to keep doing what we've been doing: refreshing online box scores and listening to the live feed (as suggested in the comments, sign up on for free live feeds all season). And, of course, leaving our thoughts in the comments.