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Spurs top tired Pistons

The Pistons were scheduled for a game in Grand Rapids last night, though judging from the score, they forget to show up. I kid, of course, but I still feel bad for 10,000 and change who made it out to the game -- they didn't pay to see only one Piston crack double-digits, especially since that player was Will Bynum.

All in all, though, I'm not overly concerned. The Pistons are using the preseason to expand their offense, so chances are they would have struggled against a good defensive team even if Chauncey Billups played.

Plus (and I know this sounds like an excuse, but I'm still willing to accept it), the Pistons are apparently a little winded. Michael Curry has been working them hard in training camp, and unlike in the regular season, he's not holding back just because there's a game to be played. From Greg Johnson of the Grand Rapids Press:

"As I told the guys, we're still in training camp, and I'm not going to lighten up the day before a game because we still have work days," he said. "You know, we are going to continue to push them."

As you'll see in the video from the GR Press below (take note, Detroit papers, this is what you should be doing), Curry had a lot to say about the team's conditioning after the game:

On a side note, my apologies for the lack of a proper game thread last night, but kudos to those who forged ahead without me.