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Curry on Stuckey

The Pistons are planning on Rodney Stuckey making "the jump" this year, but with heightened expectations come increased responsibilities. Michael Curry talked a bit about Stuckey's need to become more consistent. From Dana Gauruder of the Oakland Press:

"Last year, we hoped he'd come in and play well and if he did, he'd play for a while," Curry said. "Now, it's not just what we hope he gives us. We expect a certain level from him. What I explained to Stuckey is that when he's on, he's really good. When he's off, he's bad. He can't be bad. When he's off, he's got to be OK. You want to cut that gap."

Later in the article, Stuckey points out the biggest difference between his first training camp and his second:

Something Stuckey learned quickly this preseason is that not all NBA coaches are alike. Curry's training camp practices have pushed the players to a greater degree than he experienced with Flip Saunders in charge.

"Things are a lot different," Stuckey said. "The practices are more intense and there's a lot better purpose. We do a lot of things with a purpose."