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Herrmann still innjurred

From Chris McCosky:

Curry said the Pistons' medical staff has run a bunch of tests on Herrmann and all have come back clean. What could be happening, Curry guessed, is that some cartilege has been pulled from the rib cage, which, as you can imagine, is extremely painful. I watched him try to raise himself up from a seated position in the locker room in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, and he was in great pain. Nobody knows when the pain will relent and he can return to action.

After hearing about how Walter Herrmann stole the show at the team's open practice early in camp, it's disappointing that he's spent his entire preseason hobbled by an injury that's not showing any signs of going away. If I had to guess, I'd expect to see a lot of Arron Afflalo at small forward early in the season.