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Last play, need to score, what do you do?

I was invited to contribute to ESPN's Daily Dime preview for the Pistons by pondering the following scenario: Pistons down one, 9.2 seconds to play, must-win game. What's the play? My response:

The Pistons will struggle under pressure this year, right? After all, they have a rookie head coach!

I don't buy it. Curry lacks coaching experience, but his roster has seen it all.

Give Chauncey the ball 25 feet out, put Rip in the right corner, Rasheed on the block (whether he wants to be there or not) and McDyess setting a pick at the top of the key. Let Chauncey drive and react: He has weapons evenly spaced all over the court, and if he wants the shot himself, he's also the most likely to get fouled.

I wanted to use the space to dismiss fears of Curry's inexperience while commenting on Detroit's diverse offense, but in hindsight it looked like I hedged. Give me your best answer in the comments.