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Pistons host Hawks in preason finale

The Pistons host the Hawks tonight in a rare back-to-back game at the Palace (did you realize teams never play home games on consecutive nights in the regular season? I just found that out this week). Breaking from the preseason tradition, this game will actually be televised -- tune in to FSN Detroit at 7:30 for the tip.

Considering this is the preseason finale, don't expect much from the starters tonight after halftime. In fact, Rasheed Wallace and Rip Hamilton won't even play at all, nor is Joe Johnson for the Hawks.

Instead, expect to see a lot from the law firm of Walter & Walter, not to mention Bynum, Acker and Affalo. (That said, after what happened in last year's finale, here's to hoping Rodney Stuckey picked up a four-leaf clover and/or lucky penny on the way in from the parking lot today.) For the Hawks, it's a homecoming sorts for Mo Evans and Flip Murray. Yay. As usual, leave your thoughts in the comments.