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Arron Afflalo has too many nicknames

Here at DBB, readers have been calling Arron Afflalo "Spellcheck" since the day he was drafted. I think it's clever, but in hindsight I kind of wish we had applied it to Cheikh/Cheick Samb.

As mentioned in the comments, Afflalo's teammates have some names of their own:

Q. I know Rasheed Wallace has given you a weird nickname. Why?

A. He's called me "Snowflake." It makes no sense.

Q. Maybe he's trying to say you're unique, as no two snowflakes are alike.

A. I guess. It makes no sense to everybody, except for Rasheed. First time he called me that, I just looked at him trying to figure it out. I still haven't figured it out.

Q. And you have to confess what the rest of the team calls you

A. Yep, they call me "Aflac." Another strange one. But it stuck.

Also, let's not forget "Showbe" from last November:

Rasheed Wallace and others have started calling Arron Afflalo "Showbe," a riff on Afflalo's favorite player Kobe Bryant. Afflalo has emulated Bryant's workout regimen throughout the season. He is always the first person on the court before a game. Before the last Pistons home game (vs. Clippers), he was out there putting up shots before 4 p.m. -- tip-off was 8 p.m. During training camp, he would arrive at the practice facility every day at 7 a.m., three hours before practice started. He's always the lasy one to leave, too. He's very driven, this guy, much like his guy Kobe. Thus, the nickname.

I'm on the record saying players shouldn't be allowed to choose their own nickname, but for the sake of clarify,perhaps we should make an exception.

Update: Oh yes, can't forget about the pseudo Blaha-ism, "Count that baby and Afflalo!" (Thanks for the reminder, Rob) Was that one born in the DBB comments, as well? Or did it appear elsewhere first?