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Talking D-League with the Mad Ants president

Matt Moore of Ridiculous Upside (... and HP ... and FH) recently spoke with Jeff Potter, the president of the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants. The entire interview is worth reading, but here's some highlights Pistons fans should find interesting:

RU: Has there been any discussion about [Cheikh] Samb coming back?

JP: A little bit. I'm heading up to talk to them in a few weeks. In my opinion? They may want to keep him up there. It's hard to find guys who are that long with that kind of shooting touch with that great a timing, blocking shots, and he's worked his head off all summer. He looks a lot bigger than he was when he was with us. I can see him getting some minutes up there this year.

RU: You've got three teams affiliated with you right now. I think for the D-League affiliate it's great. I blasted it a bit for possible complications. The Pacers haven't used it much. The Pistons have been very involved. How are you approaching handling three teams?

JP: I see your point. For us, I think it's fantastic. The more the merrier. On the business side, I'm affiliated with three NBA teams, which no one else in this league can say. So as I'm trying to convince people this is the highest level of basketball Fort Wayne has ever seen. People are really excited about it. Especially because the Bucks have used the D-League. I mean, Sessions came in here last year in his first game and killed us. God, we'd love to get Sessions back. Chieikh needed to play last year, and he did. I don't think they're concerned about complications. They just want their guys to get minutes which they will. They sent down a guy, Ryan Hoover, to watch over things and make sure things are going right, and he was pleased with everything. I think it helps the D-League to have these teams involved, as well as us.