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Maxiell eats Chauncey’s babies?

Maxiell eats Chauncey’s babies?The Detroit News put together a cool little PDF of the Pistons roster featuring some random facts about each player. (Why it's a PDF rather than just an image or simple web page I don't know, but that's beside the point.)

One of the facts they had the players provide was, "Teammate I'd like to trade players with for a day." The most common answer? Rasheed Wallace.

As Alex Acker said, "I could be as obnoxious and crazy and I wanted and nobody would say a thing." Or as Arron Afflalo said, "I'd get to yell at everybody for a day." Chauncey Billups, on the other hand, said Walter Herrmann: "I want to be a rock star like him."

So yeah, you get the point, funny stuff. In any case, check out Jason Maxiell response to the left -- it's the kind of answer that make women swoon and DBB readers laugh out loud.