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Maxiell on contract: "I’m a Bad Boy and I fit here"

Jason Maxiell spoke to reporters about his newly-signed contract after practice today. From Chris McCosky of the Detroit News:

"No question it's good to get it off my shoulders," he said. "It's one less thing I need to worry about. I can just get ready to play."

[...] Getting an opt-out for the fourth year was big for Maxiell.

"I figured what could happen then (three years hence) might be bigger than what's going on now, so I just tried to look at it for my future," he said.

I definitely got a kick out of his response to Keith Langlois at True Blue Pistons, as well as some of the ribbing he received from his teammates:

"I feel that, deep inside, I'm a Bad Boy and I fit here," he said after Friday's practice. "I love playing under Joe D and Mike Curry and feel this is going to be home for a while."

Maxiell took his share of abuse as practice ended and he stood in front of the locker room doors, waiting to talk to the media about his newly signed deal.

"Rich man!" Kwame Brown shouted to him. "You takin' us out to eat?" Tayshaun Prince teased. "Max is buying dinner for us all!" Antonio McDyess yelled as the locker room doors swung shut behind him.

There's more good stuff in Langlois' article, including Michael Curry's assessment of Maxiell's game and potential. I said it before, but this is just a solid deal for everyone involved.