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WOW!, Broadstripe Cable reach agreement with FSN to show Pistons games

After getting a tip in the comments, I called WOW! to verify the good news: a customer rep just confirmed to me that they've hammered out an agreement with Fox Sports Detroit to show every Pistons game, beginning with Saturday's contest against the Wizards, which had been in danger of being blacked out.

I also received confirmation from Broadstripe Cable that they've reached an agreement, as well (funny story -- I was actually speaking with a customer rep as she received the email saying as much). I called Buckeye CableSystem, and while the I rep I spoke with was not yet aware of any new agreement, she did confirm that tomorrow's game was showing up in the system to be broadcast, which gives hope that they're included, as well.

Great news all around, crisis aborted!

Now if there was just something that could be done for fans in Windsor ...

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