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Pistons host Wizards

With the Wizards in town, I exchanged a few questions with Truth About It, a DC-centric blog featuring a heavy dose of the 'Zards. My answers to his questions about the Pistons appear over there, and his answers to my questions about the Wiz appear below:

DBB: I like Rodney Stuckey now, but like most people, I knew nothing about him before the 2007 draft. Instead, I was hoping the Pistons would take Nick Young, whom the Wizards took with the very next pick. In hindsight, how happy are you with the selection and what do you think his ceiling is?

TAI: It's kinda funny, because the Wizards certainly had their eye on Stuckey, and if both he and Young were on the board at 15, I think Grunfeld would've gone with the guy from Eastern Washington. Stuckey has more point guard skills, which I think would've been more desirable to have, and he seems to be a better defender than Young. In hindsight, I'm happy that the Wizards got a player like Nick Young at that point of the draft. Despite a rough summer league, he really showed the potential to be a top-notch scorer in the NBA during the preseason and into the season opener. However, if you were to ask me which player I'd rather have, I wouldn't be able to answer just yet.

DBB: Is there another team more star-crossed in terms of injuries than the Wizards? If Washington could ever go through a whole season with their Big 3 healthy, would they be a real contender?

TAI: The health factor has become more than an "if"....with the Wizards, dealing with injuries has become a given....or as we call it, The Curse o' Les Boulez. The Big Three can't make the Wizards a contender themselves.....obviously as each has defensive inefficiencies. But before the latest drama, with the emergence of Brendan Haywood, the development of young players such as Andray Blatche, Young, and Dominic McGuire, plus thinking that Antonio Daniels would be one of the better backup point guards in the league, I did have championship hopes for this team....although reasonable expectations focused on getting past the 2nd round of the playoffs first. Of course, there is that LeBron James dude, who both of our teams need to worry about.

DBB: The Pistons have a habit of collecting former Wizards -- Rip Hamilton, Rasheed Wallace, Ben Wallace and Darvin Ham all won a ring in 2004, and Chris Webber, Jarvis Hayes, Juan Dixon, and most recently Kwame Brown have defected in recent years. We appreciate it, but at the risk of getting greedy, who do we get next? Might I interest you in a Prince-for-Butler swap?

TAI: Butler for Prince? That one had me laughing a little.....the answer of course would be a resounding 'no'. Nothing against Prince, he's the top-notch defender and complimentary player that championship teams need, but Tough Juice has really made a name for himself in DC and I'd like to see him in a Wizards uniform for years to come. Oh....and we had your coach in a Bullets uniform for five whole games in 1996 before he made his way to Motor City.


The Wizards tend to play fast and furious so I'm not sure how much time Kwame Brown will get against his former teammates, but he's sounds eager to show them up:

"It's like an old girlfriend," Brown said of his former teams. "I have a new girlfriend now. I want to show her off."

The ball tips at 7:30 PM on Fox Sports Detroit (yes, even for WOW! subscribers). I'll be at the game for FanHouse, but join the rest of your DBB brethren by following the game in the comments.