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Monday’s (quick) Layup Drill

I'll most likely add more later, but here's a handful of links I wanted to mention:

  • For a more detailed account of last night's game than my cursory overview, hit up SLAM for Eric Woodyard's game notes ...
  • ... as well as Need4Sheed's recap post.
  • Also, in case you missed the game and wanted to see AI's introduction, Need4Sheed has you covered there, as well.
  • Antonio McDyess was officially released by the Nuggets. He'll (presumably) clear waivers by Wednesday, at which point the 30-day clock for any potential return to Detroit starts ticking.
  • The Freep's Michael Rosenberg on last night's game:

    How does a team add Iverson and score 29 first-half points? You know, if you add chili peppers to the recipe, you figure you might burn your tongue, and maybe you'll get indigestion, but at least you'll taste the meal.

    His whole column is worth a read, especially the part about the fans booing:

    It's not a huge deal. If you buy the tickets and pay $47 for a beer, or whatever they're charging these days, of course you have every right to boo. That's not the issue.

    But goodness, this team just added a superstar who handles the ball on every possession, and he had one game and one practice to get ready to play the defending champs. Isn't it a little early to boo?

  • Dana Gauruder on Rodney Stuckey:

    Rodney Stuckey experienced dizziness and tapped on his chest, an indication his heart was racing, as he got up off the bench at halftime. Stuckey sat down for a few minutes before he headed back to the locker room.

    He apparently had a reaction to some allergy medicine and did not return to the game. He's expected to join the team today when it heads to Sacramento to begin a four-game West Coast trip.

    "It's all precautionary stuff," strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander said of the tests conducted on Stuckey. "He's doing good."

That's all for now.