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Stuckey cleared for action

No word on what kind of tests he actually underwent, but whatever they were, he passed. From the Freep's Vince Ellis:

After not traveling with the team and undergoing tests Tuesday, Stuckey was scheduled to fly to the Bay Area on Wednesday.

[...] "As far as I know, everything has been good," coach Michael Curry said. "We should be expecting him soon."

Depending on when Stuckey arrives, he could practice Wednesday and play Thursday against Golden State, Curry said.

Good news all around. Curry's task now, though, is figuring out how to keep both Stuck and Will Bynum in the rotation, since every single time Bynum has taken the court he's impressed. As DBB reader UTEP2STEP said last night:

Bynum is like the guard version of Maxiell. Explosive, but I think he might be most useful in spurts. A baby, baby-eater if you will.

Yes, I will. Maybe it's because the opposition is suffering from the same "who is this guy?" factor as most of us watching at home, but the guy has been able to get to the rim at will while playing tenacious defense. Until that stops being the case, he deserves to play.

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