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Posting Up, and another DBB Suite Night

As you may have heard -- perhaps from Need4Sheed, PistonsNation or directly from the source at the team's official site -- the Pistons have launched a social network for fans called Posting Up.

I joined earlier this evening and started poking around -- as you'd expect, you can sign up for free and do all sorts of social network-y things like adding friends, joining groups, sharing videos and all that jazz.

Since all the other cool blogs have set up groups, I succumbed to peer pressure and set up the League of Extraordinary Pistons Fans group. I invite you to join, and when you're done, add me as a friend.

IMG_0004What's in it for you? Since you asked ...

Just like last year, the Pistons are allowing a handful of lucky DBB readers to take over the suite for a night, complete with a behind-the-scenes tour, a chance to watch the team warm up while sitting courtside and, if we're lucky, a visit with one of Mr. O'Brien's shiny trophies.

DBB Suite Night Part Deux will take place on Friday, November 28th against the Milwaukee Bucks. ((Mind you, the game doesn't officially start until 8 PM, but winners should plan on being at the Palace by 5 PM to partake in the pre-game tours, etc. I'll give more details to the winners, but wanted to mention that ahead of time for anyone with an already-full schedule.)) That's the day after Thanksgiving, so if you're an out-of-stater, consider this extra motivation to come back and visit your roots for the holiday.

So how can you win? By feeding my ego in three easy steps:

  1. Sign up for an account at Posting Up ...
  2. Join my group with a silly name ...
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling me your Posting Up screen name and answering the following question:

    If you could, which current or former member of the Pistons would you invite to Thanksgiving Dinner, and why?

I'm going to select three winners on Monday (11/17) afternoon -- two will be randomly selected and a third will be completely subjective based on how hard you make me laugh. Each winner will receive 2 tickets to the game. Since I'll need to get in touch with the winners, you'll need to leave your email address (I don't spam, I promise) in the appropriate field so I'll be able to contact you. Good luck, and I hope to see you there!