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Kwame Brown joins the starting lineup


Michael Curry tells WDFN's Stoney and Wojo that Kwame Brown will start tonight to play alongside Rasheed Wallace. Curry says he is trying to figure out the best way to get his bigs going and recognizes that Kwame and Maxiell have not played well together.

The Pistons simply haven't played well in the second quarter this year (Tuesday's game was the exception), and the Kwame Brown and Jason Maxiell pairing is one reason why.

Some will look at this move and say Amir Johnson is being punished by being sent to the bench, but I don't see it. In fact, Amir might get more opportunities to score coming off the bench, especially considering how he's been lost in the shuffle with Tayshaun Prince stepping up his game and joining Allen Iverson and (hopefully, when he emerges from his slump) Rip Hamilton as the team's dominant offensive options.

Update: Here's Curry's actual quotes on the matter, courtesy the Freep:

"Amir is a smaller guy that roams the perimeter," Curry said. "Max and Kwame are the same guy, even though they are different sizes. So by starting Kwame, you have a center. Rasheed can move out and play the four more.

"With Amir, Rasheed has been playing strictly five, and so I think that even affected 'Sheed as we have gone through the last few games. So I have been trying to figure out the best way, without that shooting big, to use guys as effectively as possible. We think it is better not to have Kwame and Max come on the floor at the same time together."