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Pistons take on unbeaten Lakers

Think of Detroit's road trip out west like a great big meal: Wednesday's game in Sacramento was the appetizer, last night's game at Golden State was the dinner salad, and tonight's game against the undefeated Lakers is easily the main course.

And not just any entree, either -- we're talking about the "Ole 96er", right out of The Great Outdoors. Can the Pistons eat the whole thing, right down to the gristle and fat? We'll find out. If they do, they won't win free t-shirts for the whole family but will grab the attention of everybody in the league.

It's another late one, but hey, you're not working tomorrow, right? The ball tips at 10:30 PM on ESPN -- join your DBB brethren by leaving your thoughts (and random John Candy references) in the comments.