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The view from Phoenix

As you may have noticed, I didn't have a chance to post a recap to last night's debacle. Fortunately, DBB reader DJ was at the game and posted the following account in the game thread comments this morning. It was so interesting, I decided to re-post it here so it wouldn't be missed:

I was at the game last night. Seats were not that great, but in all honesty, there really isn’t a "bad" seat in the house.

The flagrant 2 on Shaq may very well be overturned, I am no expert, by after watching it over and over and over on my DVR, it appears that Shaq was trying to block a potential layup and Stuckey was quicker than Shaq realized, just my opinion.

Detroit seemed to have forgotten to pack up there defense when they left LA, 52 points in the paint, I don’t think any "defensive" team wins by allowing about 50% of an opponents points to come from the painted area.

There were a lot of Pistons fans in attendance as was mentioned. Most were "good" fans, several were extremely drunk and rather obnoxious. There was at least one other DBB fan there as he kept screaming "Free Amir", the only Pistons fans I know that use that phrase have frequented this site, although most tell me they don’t like to post (why is beyond me).

Stuckey. This young man is a lot quicker in person than he appears on TV.

Bynum. Makes Stuckey look slow.

Rip. Looks like he finally found his shot, this is a good thing. A backcourt with Rip and AI running around is going to be difficult for any team to contend with

AI. The answer looked bored, perhaps all the moving, relocating and everything that goes along with a trade finally got to him, although 7 dimes isn’t a bad number.

Brown. Played excellent against Shaq, not so excellent against Lopez. Slow fat guys (read Perkins) should get owned by Kwame.

Wallace. I thought Rasheed would have been better off in the low post, when he did go down there, he looked like he could get whatever he wanted all night. However, with the game he had from outside against LA, I figured he would camp out and that hurt us. Several Piston fans around me made very similar comments. Everytime he had the ball, SHEEEED was screamed throughout the center.

Prince. If he plays the remainder of the year at 60% of this level, he will be an All-star and probably first team all defense, even the Suns faithful were giving Tay props, it was nice to hear.

As my wife and I were heading to the game, a Suns fan asked me if I thought Detroit could beat Phoenix, I naturally told him yes, but we were hear to get a look at our 2011 staring PF, this drew a small crowd, and shockingly, most felt that Amare would fit in well with Detroits offense, but that his defense would hurt us, after watching the game, I think Coach Porter has figured out how to unlock Amare’s defense, he wasn’t half bad.

All in all, had Detroit played defense this game could have been won. Hell, take away a quarter of the points in the paint, and this was a close game. AI didn’t seem like a liability defensively, even on the ball. Our man defense was ok, but our help defense was really lacking.