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And the winners are …

On Thursday I asked the question, "Which current or former member of the Pistons would you invite to Thanksgiving Dinner, and why?" There were a lot of really funny answers, but DBB reader TW made me laugh the hardest:

If I could invite a Piston, it would have to be George Blaha. Yes I consider him a Piston because he’s been with us since 1976. He would be fun because he could narrate things that happen during Thanksgiving:

While cooking - "Measures and makes!
Making a turkey - "Count that baby and a fowl (get it?)!"
When passing food around the table - "Gives it up, gets it back!"
When eating mashed potatoes - "Scoops it, scores it!"
After eating too much - "In and out… and back in again!"

On a side note, one Piston I wouldn’t want at my Thanksgiving is Walter Herrmann. Even though he is my favorite Piston and I think it would be hilarious to have him as my guest, I would be afraid of him using his Fabio good looks and keen fashion sense to steal my fiancee.

TW's Blaha-inspired humor (and Herrmann-inspired paranoia) won him a pair of tickets to the see the Pistons take on the Bucks the day after Thanksgiving from the suite.

I promised that I'd also select two other winners at random, but I lied. Instead ... I selected three: DBB readers Fadel, Tiny and Stuck also each won a pair of tickets. Congrats, fellas! You should have already received an email from me with details -- I'll see you soon!

And of course, thanks again to Dave Wieme from the Pistons for making this possible.