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Stuckey survives Shaq’s shenanigans

In case you missed it (and I don't see how you could have), that's the play on Rodney Stuckey that got Shaquille O'Neal ejected from Sunday's game. Shaq was subsequently fined 25 large by the league, but only for arguing his ejection on his way out, not as punishment for the play. ((Money is money, but do you know how little $25,000 is to a guy who makes $20 million a year? It's 0.125% of his salary. In other words, it's a like a guy who makes $40,000 being docked $50.)) It's Shaq, what did you expect the NBA to do? (via TH)

Despite the violent collision, Stuckey stayed in the game, and fortunately, he seemed no worse for wear at practice yesterday. From Keith Langlois:

Stuckey wore tape around both wrists at Tuesday's practice. He got both hands down to break his fall, so the wrists bore the brunt of it.

"Look at these wrists," he said, holding his hands out. "They're taped. If it wasn't for me putting my hands on the ground, my whole grille would have been messed up. My wrists are sore. That's it.

"I haven't been hit like that, but I'm going to continue to take the ball to the basket. Shaq's a big dude. Whatever he said, it was right. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but I'm going to keep going in there."