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Update on the Plaisted and Washington

From Keith Langlois of

An update on the two Pistons' second-rounders who signed to play in Europe:

Trent Plaisted got his feet wet in Italy, then experienced a disc problem in his back and returned to the United States, where he has undergone treatment in Los Angeles. Pistons VP Scott Perry told me he's doing well and readying to return to Italy.

Deron Washington, meanwhile, is playing very well in Israel. He's starting at small forward. In four games, he's averaging 12.0 points (third on his team), 6.5 rebounds (tied for first) and 2.5 steals (first) while playing 29.8 minutes (third). He's wowed his teammates and Israeli fans with his athleticism and leaping ability.

"All reports we've gotten on Washington have been very positive," Perry said.

I don't know if either of those two will ever play a minute with the Pistons, but I'm hopeful that Washington makes his way back. I've only seem him play in person a handful of times at summer league, but when he's in the game you can't turn away -- he's a walking, talking YouTube mix-tape the way he gets above the rim. I haven't watched enough to attest to the rest of his skills, but he also played some feisty defense and was a fun guy to talk to.

He's currently playing for Hapoel Holon, where he's doing things like this:

Any chance any of DBB's Israeli readers have seen him play yet? Hit us up with a scouting report in the comments if you have.