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The Pistons are in Boston

The first time the Pistons faced the Celtics this year, it was Allen Iverson's second game since the trade and the entire roster looked completely disjointed. For the most part, things have turned around in the five games since, with the exception of the disaster in Phoenix and the first half last night.

Can the Pistons win the rematch and become the league's first team to beat both teams that made last year's Finals? Will Coffee With No Cream outshine Kendrick Perkins? Will the Celtics listen to their coach and (finally) stop chirping? Will the always classy KG take any cheap shots? Will I keep asking questions as a device to take digs at the Celtics?

We'll find out soon enough: the ball tips in a few moments on TNT. It's still too early to say this is a statement game, but a win tonight would be nice ... as nice as an ice-cold CC & Ginger on a hot summer day! (Sorry, couldn't resist.) As usual, leave your blatant product placements thoughts in the comments.