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Amir Johnson (may be) starting again

From Keith Langlois:

"Depending on who they start, we may start Amir against New York and we may start Amir against Milwaukee (on Friday)," Michael Curry said after Tuesday's practice. "Some nights we're going to play Kwame as a starter, some nights it's going to be Amir."

[...] "I've said from the beginning, it depends on the matchups," Curry said. "You all see Amir. Why would I put Amir our there and start him against Shaq and Bynum? That's not a favorable matchup for him. As a coach, that's not putting a guy in position to succeed. I don't care about how many lineups we have. That doesn't faze me. It's a matter of putting a guy in position each night to give them a chance to be successful."

When McDyess returns, he'll assume the role he left - coming off the bench, usually in relief of Rasheed Wallace to give the Pistons both a scoring threat in their frontcourt and a big man who can spread the floor and give Iverson and Rodney Stuckey, especially, wider openings to probe.

I completely understand the idea of exploiting matchups (were I in Curry's shoes, that's how I'd do it), but for whatever it's worth, he is kind of backtracking. Flash back to 11 days ago:

Something needed to be done and Michael Curry acted on that Thursday. He inserted center Kwame Brown into the starting lineup and moved Amir Johnson back to the bench.

"If he plays well, it will be permanent," Curry said.

There were several specific reasons for making the move.

"We've thought about it for a while," Curry said. "The reason we had Amir in the starting lineup from the beginning was because at that time it enabled us to speed up. With Allen Iverson here now, we don't have that problem."

Brown played about as well as anyone could have expected as a starter -- he shot 75% from the field, averaged five boards in 20 minutes, played decent defense -- so it's not like he's returning to the bench with his tail between his legs.

For whatever it's worth, I agree with the decision, especially considering Johnson was often lost in the shuffle when brought off the bench. I just hope Curry does a better job explaining his roster decisions to his players than he does to the media.