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It’s official: Allen Iverson is a Piston

It's official -- just check the front page of Keith Langlois spoke with Pistons VP Scott Perry about what Allen Iverson brings to the table:

"He embodies a lot of what Joe has established here over a long period of time," Pistons vice president Scott Perry said. "He’s a fierce competitor, he’s going to bring tremendous energy to our basketball team and he’s a proven All-Star in this league. He’ll add excitement not only to our basketball team, but to the community at large."

Joe D looks for three things in players: talent, obviously; strong desire to win; and good character. Iverson is off the charts in the first two categories. Some would argue the third, but Iverson’s issues have been almost exclusively personality clashes with strong-willed coaches.

[...] "You’re talking about a top-tier player," Perry said. "He knows how to play with other good players and good players will figure out how to play with him. He’s a smart, intelligent player and you all know what his strengths are. He can score, but he’s much underrated as a player. We fully anticipate him fitting in quite well."

Update: Here's Dumars' statement, courtesy of WDFN:

"We are pleased to welcome Allen Iverson to the Pistons organization," said Dumars. "Allen has proven he is one of the elite players in the league and we like what he adds to our roster at the guard position. We appreciate everything that Chauncey Billups, Antonio McDyess and Cheikh Samb brought to the organization during their time here in Detroit and we certainly wish them all the best."

And with this, DBB's flurry of posts (should) slow down, at least for the next few hours. Some questions to ponder while waiting for Iverson to suit up the first time:

  • What number does Iverson wear? Rodney Stuckey is the future, asking him to give up No. 3 for what could be a one-year rental doesn't sit well with me (nor, I'm guessing, with all the fans who already bought his jersey).
  • Who gets introduced last? Billups took that honor when Ben Wallace left. Does AI automatically get the honor? Or a guy who's actually been with the team for a few years?
  • Who gets the cushy corner locker in the Pistons locker room? Billups was the only guy on the team with two lockers. I always assumed it was both a sign of respect as well as logistics -- he needed the extra space because he made himself available early and often to the horde of reporters waiting to talk to him after every game.
  • How many minutes will Iverson play? The guy has made a living player 40+ a night, but that doesn't jive with the whole "Rodney Stuckey will average 30 minutes" talk from earlier this year.

That's all for now; I'm sure there will be others later. Let's hear your questions in the comments.

Update: ESPN's Chad Ford spoke with Joe Dumars today and has a decent article about the trade.