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Rip Hamilton signs three-year extension

From ESPN:

The Detroit Pistons didn't stop at making over their backcourt Monday.

In addition to acquiring Allen Iverson in a three-for-one trade with the Denver Nuggets, the Pistons agreed to a three-year extension with Richard Hamilton, a team source told's Chad Ford.

The new contract is worth $34 million, with the first two years guaranteed. The third year is only a partial guarantee, the source told Ford.

Still waiting to find out more details about Rip's new deal. His original contract went through 2009-10 but gave him an early-termination option this summer. Does the new deal start after 2009-10? Or does it start with 2009-10? We'll find out soon enough, I'm sure.

The crux of my opposition to the AI/Billups rumor last night was that the Pistons could potentially lose both halves of their All-Star backcourt if they trade Chauncey, "lose" AI to free agency and Rip opts out. Obviously that was on Dumars' mind, too, but no longer.

On another note, it's funny how Dumars saved up an entire summer's worth of moves (re-signing Jason Maxiell, trading Chauncey, extending Rip) for the first week of the season. My hands are cramping up from typing ...