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Thursday’s Layup Drill

Time is short, but the list of links I've been meaning to share is long:

  • If Tay keeps playing like he did last night, maybe that All-Star bid isn't out of the question.
  • Shoals on Iverson:

    In Detroit now, though, Allen Iverson is once again subject to reinterpretation. There are parallels with his time in Philly: Motown is the same kind of troubled metropolis as Philadelphia, perhaps on an even grander scale. And while Larry Brown may be a distant memory in Detroit, the Pistons are still considered avatars of unselfish, orderly team ball. The city will have to appreciate his toughness but will have to come to grips with his style of play—capable of involving others, but first and foremost about taking on the world in an attempt to get buckets.

  • The silver lining to not having Chauncey or Iverson available the last two games has been the emergence of Will Bynum, who's gone from a rarely-used third-stringer to a surprisingly effective backup. PistonsNation agrees:

    As a fan of the game how can you not love Will’s game? Listed at a very generous 6′ Will is fearless. He uses to his quickness to blow by his defender and then attacks the rim like he’s 6′6″. And, it’s not just that he goes hard to the bucket either, he’s a very crafty and athletic finisher hitting on 62% of his shots in the two games. Will also understands how to set up teammates and is very adept at pick-and-roll offense. That’s on top of the ball hawking defense which he’s noted for. You can tell the time Will spent overseas gave him a good understanding of the point guard position.

  • DBB reader Zack finds out breaking up is hard to do.
  • The Pistons are embracing social media: they've launched their own YouTube channel and set up a Twitter account.
  • It seems a lot of fans have a love/hate relationship with ESPN's Jemele Hill. For what it's worth, I love her latest: Detroit could be the best thing to happen to Iverson.
  • Update: Hardwood Paroxysm's review of the FreeDarko book.

Last but not least, a funny/thoughtful exchange in the comments between three DBB readers the other day:

Other Matt: I’ll throw my 2 cents in. As I’ve posted here before, I’ve been living in DC the past several months. After Obama’s victory speech, I tossed on my Pistons hoodie and went over to the White House to check out the celebration. This city is absolutely insane right now. There is a completely ridiculous celebration going on. I did not support nor vote for Obama, however, it is hard to walk around this place tonight and not have a smile on my face. We are so very fortunate to live in a place where this type of celebration is possible. That we can gather on the front lawn of our President and mock him and celebrate his opposition party’s success. It is my sincere hope that all the people who are partaking in that celebration have profound respect and appreciation for that freedom. So, congratulations to Obama and his supporters. He is now my President too, and I hope he succeeds.

Lest you think this is not about the Pistons, my unofficial exit polling at the party in front of the White House was 100% (3 votes) in favor of the Iverson trade. Even during that celebration I got several comments for the Pistons. PISTONS 08-09!

Rob G: OM: I’ve been walking around in my Pistons hoodie in SE DC, and people keep hollerin’ "Iverson!"

Forty: Oh sh*t there was an election today? I just assumed all the people outside my apt in Boston chanting "yes we can" were trying to reassure themselves the C’s could still beat the Pistons with the Answer. Iverson-Johnson in ‘09 baby.

The moral: America is great and the Pistons are as relevant as ever.