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Allen Iverson’s first Pistons practice

Jed Jacobsohn, Getty Sports

Yes, we're talking about practice. AI went through his first full practice with his new teammates earlier today, and afterward had some interesting comments. From the Detroit News:

"We went through some stuff today that I hadn't been through in my whole career, and that was shocking," Iverson said after the Pistons' workout at the L.A. Sports Club in Manhattan. "I would have thought somebody would have put those type of plays in for me and the guys around me sometime in the 13 years I've been around. That right there was exciting."

[...] "I am getting the ball now in places where I never got it before," Iverson said. "I used to always get it at the top at the three-point line and now I am getting it closer to the free-throw line and that makes a difference."

From the Freep:

"I felt like I need to get a practice in just to get some type of chemistry and rhythm and just learn the plays," said Iverson, whom the Pistons acquired Monday. "I didn’t want to go in the game tomorrow and just know a couple of plays and while I’m in the game just run those certain plays."

For what it's worth, Chauncey Billups practiced with the Nuggets for the first time, as well. From the Denver Post:

"I have a feeling he'll pick up our offense pretty quick," Nuggets coach George Karl said, whose team practices today in Denver, leading up to Friday's game against Dallas. "Some of the stuff that Detroit runs, we run. So we'll be able to run those plays pretty consistently, in a pattern. You just want enough, eight, nine, 10 plays."

From the Rocky Mountain News:

Billups was one of the last players to leave the court as he went through a full workout under the tutelage of coach George Karl.

"They threw a lot of things at him, so hopefully he retains some of it," Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin said. "A lot of it he won't get right away, but he's a veteran and he knows what to do on the court, so I'm not worried about it."

Karl indicated Billups would play Friday night against Dallas but said whether Billups would start is "a decision for tomorrow."

If you're up for a double-header on Friday, you can watch AI make his debut with the Pistons on FSN at 7:30 and Billups and the Nuggets on ESPN at 10:30.


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